3rd Mediterranean Conference on Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering

Grand hotel Bernardin, Portoro┼ż, Slovenia

26 - 28 september 2016

Many of the most significant developments that have occurred in technological general knowledge in recent years, together with economy globalization, have introduced new challenges into the field of heat treatment and surface engineering.
Venue & Accommodation
Grand Hotel Bernardin, Portoro┼ż, Slovenia
Sponsors and exhibitors
Conference Photos
Conference Photos
Invited speakers
Prof.dr. Hans-Werner Zoch, Prof.dr. Lauralice Canale, Prof.dr. Urban Wiklund, Prof.dr. Richard D. Sisson, Jr., Prof.dr. Daniele Ugues, Dr. Orlaw Massler
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Main topics & Program
microstructure transformations, mechanical, physical and tribological properties advanced heat treating manufacturing processes, vacuum heat treatment, cryogenic treatment and tempering process, bainitizing, induction and low energy magnetic heating...